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<3 these are my deviations!! i hope you enjoy them!! ^u^



Princess Mimi by CrazyLittleZebra
Princess Mimi
BIG NEWS EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!11!!1!1!!!!!1!1!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I FINALLY HAVE AN OC NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well i guess it was about time, anyways. haha. it seems everyone on dA has an oc. i didn't for the LONGEST time ever so i always felt so left out lol. but yeah so now i have an oc. idk i feel pretty excited :~))))

but yeah her name's princess mimi!!!! ^o^ yeah yeah i know that's a dumbish name but SHES SO CUTE AHAHAHHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


this is my first oc so i feel so happy, omg. i finally have an oc yayyyy :~) now i can join the rest of the da community with my oc-ness lol
and plus new oc means new profile picture for me :~)

BUT AAAAAHAHHAHAHAHHHHH ISN'T SHE SO CUTE AAHAHAAHHAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! i feel like she's the epitome of me....she has literally every element of my art....look she has the little devil horn and the lollipop and all those hearts and even that weird anatomy that can only be mine :'-)

but i think one of the things i really love about her is her skin color!!! i know usually when i draw my characters i give them a lighter, more peach-like skin color, but this time i wanted to give her a darker, maybe tannish kind of skin color sort of similar to my own ^__^ so i got this color and isn't it beautiful?!?!?!?! it's like a............rose brown color (lol yes. i am truman capote now.) but still i love it, i love that its darker than my usual skin tone. its a nice change and anyways its so PRETTY AAAAAH EVERYTHING'S SO PRETTY AHJAHAAHHAUOAHICDFAB

can you tell i'm excited??? well, now i know what i'll want people to draw for me during art trades or requests or the like. speaking of which...............would anyone like to draw my oc as a way to welcome her to dA???????? >u< lol heehee but still somebody totally should!!!! i'd be so excited if they did *o* >u< <3333 

still....look at my oc. she's so beautiful. she's so cute. SHE'S SO ME!!!!!!!!!!!! also did i mention but i think someone should totally draw her????? heehee >u<

the surprising thing is it actually took a very short time to finish this piece!!!!! it only took three days *o* which is really short because when you put it in perspective, one piece i did, which was only black and white, took way longer than that. so idk, i just think its so funny that i managed to finish this piece so quickly. like even now it feels surreal that i'm already typing out my dA description when just a few days ago i was sketching this piece :O

of course the one thing i'm still iffy about with my oc is the LEGS!!! the ANATOMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i should learn anatomy but no matter how hard i matter HOW HARD I TRY........................

one last thing!!!!!!! i love the new style of this piece ^___^ well i mean technically it's not something too new for me, because i've been experimenting drawing a bit in this style since last year actually lol. like, you know, with the eyes and stuff. but still!!!! this is the first time i've actually put a piece done in this style out for dA to see so i hope you guys love this style as much as i do ^___^ i think i might want to post more drawings in this kind of style, though, with these kinds of eyes, cause they're so cute!!!!! ^o^

and besides the drawing style, i think the coloring style reminds me a bit of mel stringer or claretonic, don't you think? :O 

i'm so happy and excited for my new oc omg!!!! yay ^____^ i hope you guys love her as much as i do!!!!!!!! well, even if you don't, i guess you'll have to put up with her because she's my new profile pic so she'll be everywhere on my page. lol >u< 

anyways sorry for this super long messy description, because i finally have an oc now. can you believe that?? an OC?!?!?!?!?!? this is MINE!!!!!!! wowowowowow :O im so excited, i'm finally just like everyone else here at dA now lol but still an oc :~) thats like fanart for myself AAAAAH i'm so excited :~)))) <3333

i hope you enjoy my art and have a wonderful day everyone!!!!!! ^o^
new profile pic!! because i finally have an oc now. heehee :~)
*CLICK FOR FULL GIF* Thousand and One Eyes Homura
first off: HELLO!!!! i'm back on dA again. after my long absence again. sorry about all that!! it's just that whenever i work on a new piece i just dont log back on to dA until i've finished it. is that a weird habit? yeah, it probably is. and i've missed so much since i was gone!!! aaaaaaah @____@

second: does anyone know how i can make my gif the preview image??? like, how i can make my preview image move??? sorry, this probably sounds really confusing but each time i upload a gif i always have to put a .png for my preview image because it wont work. i feel like i should just google this but i have no idea to really articulate what i mean

third: dont laugh at my title!!!! >n< it was supposed to be Homura with a Thousand and One Eyes but you know, not enough space :-(( alsoooo i knoooow it's not actually one thousand and one eyes (like i would have the patience for that!) but, you know, its close enough. plus, ever since watching aladdin for a school trip to NEW YORK CITY (!!!!! still not over that) i've been thinking a lot about arabian nights/a thousand and one nights, thus the influence for the title. btw, did you know i've never even read a thousand and one nights???? i need to get it from the library sometime..........

OKAY!!! now, to the actual meat of the whole thing. so, this piece was a sort of back-to-the-basics thing. you know, no color, and i went back to my original thing of eyes and stuffs. personally, i liked my original ayanami rei gif better, but you know, what can you do. still, i love this piece a lot too ^.^ and dont laugh at my anatomy if its wonky!!! i still have a lot to learn. and yes i just used wonky as a real word :~)

i really liked the details in this piece though!!! it was fun playing with outlines, and i loved drawing the wingssss :~) and i realize they're kind of uneven but oh well !!! and i love the dress too, it really is like a witch dress, isn't it??? witchy witchy!!!!!

sooo this piece was an art trade with :iconzepyk: !!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope she likes it ^.^ <33333 and yes i know i went ahead without even telling you what i wanted you to draw, lol whoops sorry. i got a little too excited ^____^""

besides that i don't know what to say, i just really love this piece but like in a really messy way. i just think its so cool because it's so.......minimalistic :~)

anyways so yeah!!! i guess that's it :~)))))) have a wonderful day you guys!!! <33333
Pop Star Evangelion by CrazyLittleZebra
Pop Star Evangelion
so. long time no see!!! i haven't submitted anything in the longest time ever and i feel so, so bad and i am so, SO sorry. aaaaah!!! i kept meaning to submit stuff and i've totally missed you guys and AAAAAAh!!!!! but anyways im back and this is my COMEBACK piece!!!! :-)

it's a really cute piece, if i must say so for myself. the anatomy is probably really bad but oh well. mainly i just love asuka's pretty dress, and i love all the COLORS in this piece!! this was my first time really experimenting with pastel colors. usually (as you can see in my gallery, haha) i'm always using psychedelic or bright colors, because they're mostly easier for me to put together. drawing with pastel colors was such a pain in the butt at first, but it got easier as i got more used to it :~)

but what do you guys think of my new comeback piece??? :O i'm scared my art has gotten a lot worse since the summer but oh well (^ ^")

tbh whenever i draw things like this i always feel really weird bc i kNOW evangelion is supposed to be really........deep you know and then i just turn all of its DEEP messages into stuff like this. pink pop stars. asuka is no longer melodramatic about abandonment and love. she is. a pink. pop star. i think somewhere in the world the evangelion creator thinks im crazy for doing this to his anime but who can resist a pop star asuka and rei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyways im still so happy with the colors in this piece, aND I STILL THINK ASUKA AND REI LOOK SO CUTE HERE!!!!! AAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! i love asuka and rei they're so cute and i love the colors and i love the girly pop star dresses

anyways, i think that's probably enough of my squealing for now :~)
enjoy, and have a wonderful day!!! ^___^
if i had a motto or some trademarked slogan it would be "sorry, not sorry." Lol. but anyways, im sorry that i've been CRAZY inactive so i just wanted to fill you guys in on whats been going on in my life.

Heart divider Heart divider Heart divider Heart divider Heart divider 

  • yes, i am currently working on a piece. it's a very colorful piece (i like to think of it as my comeback piece!!) and that's why it's been taking so long, i'm so sorry if it seems like i've been totally inactive
  • yes, i have read all your comments, i will try to reply to them ASAP!!!! aaaah i'm probably going to reply once i get my piece done haha
  • school has been pretty busy!!! :-(
Heart divider Heart divider Heart divider Heart divider Heart divider 

but let me tell you the biggest thing that has happened to me as of late!!!

just for the past few days i went on a school trip to NEW YORK CITY!!!!! and i literally JUST got back yesterday evening. on the trip we had a ton of work to do, we even had this big workbook and stuff, but it was still really fun and we went to lots of cool places like museums, and we got to see two broadway shows (one of them was aladdin!!) and we got to go on top of the Empire State Building and the Top of the Rock!!!

i didn't get to bring my drawings on the trip, BUT if you guys want me to post pictures just pop a note down in the comments or something and i'll try to post them sometime!!!! boy oh boy am i tired, though, every night on the trip was so busy. i got like zero sleep lol.
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: autumn in new york!!!!!!
  • Watching: new york!!!!!
  • Eating: cereal
  • Drinking: milk


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